Decision on Concorde museum expected “any day”

Filton in the press.

A decision on two rival business plans to construct a museum to house Concorde “Alpha Foxtrot” at Filton is expected “any day”, according to the chairman of one of the groups involved.

The decision rests with Airbus and the aircraft’s owner British Airways.

One group, the Concorde Trust, has obtained planning permission to construct an aviation museum on land near the Vue Cinema at Cribbs Causeway but hit a snag last year when their bid for £2.9m from the Heritage lottery Fund was turned down.

Another organisation, the Save Concorde Group, reported in February this year that it had presented an alternative “low-cost” proposal to Airbus and BA.

Alpha Foxtrot returned to Filton on 26th November 2003 and was displayed in a temporary open-air museum for six-and-a-half years.

In autumn 2010, Airbus withdrew the aircraft from display, so that it could be inspected by engineers and undergo essential maintenance.

Aircraft enthusiasts say it is essential for Concorde to be housed indoors, protected from the corrosive action of the elements.

Ben Lord, Chairman of the Save Concorde Group, told the BBC:

“It’s absolutely critical it’s undercover.”

“Even if we get the go-ahead it could be six to nine months before we get planning permission. That’s another winter she’s exposed.”

“Whatever happens, whether we are successful or the Concorde Trust, she will still be outside for another year or so.”

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