Thousands turn out to greet Olympic Torch Relay in Filton

Olympic Torchbearer Corinne Day is welcomed by the crowds in Filton.

Thousands of people lined Southmead Road in Filton earlier today to greet the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay on day 5 of its 70-day journey around the United Kingdom.

Warm and sunny weather attracted a massive crowd, swelled by children from local schools and workers from the nearby Airbus factory who had been given time off for the occasion.

The torch, preceded by a convoy of sponsor vehicles crossed into South Gloucestershire at about 9:18am, 13 minutes behind schedule, after it had lost time by taking a wrong turning in North Somerset earlier in the morning.

Good-natured crowds, up to five deep in places, lined the route and people surged out into the road as the convoy approached.

The torch was carried into Filton by 58-year-old Corinne Day, nominated for her work as a Guide leader in Bristol.

On reaching the junction with Charborough Road, the Torch Relay continued “in convoy” to Chippenham after which it will visit Marlborough, Royal Wooton Basset, Swindon, Cirencester and Stroud before arriving at Cheltenham Racecourse for an evening celebration.

More photos of the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay in Filton.

Click on the image above for lots more photos of the Olympic Torch Relay passing through Filton.

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  1. So, what a great idea it was to have reserved areas for the schools. All the kids were excited and were there at 7.30 and waited patiently. Impeccable behaviour. Then at 9 o’clock hoards of people we allowed to walk down the middle of Southmead Road in front of the barriers and plonk themselves in front of all the kids with no consideration what so ever. The kids were crying and distraught. A once in a lifetime experience, destroyed just like that. People were charging in and filled up all of one side of Southmead Road. Crowd control was non-existent. In 5 minutes South Glos council have taught our kids that if you want to win you have to be rude, inconsiderate and trample on the little people!
    To say that I and many of the parents there today are furious is an understatement. Explaining that behaviour to our children and consoling them over the fact they weren’t going to see the Torch after all their patience and good behaviour was not a nice job for any of us.
    What a disappointing memory all our children have for the Olympics now.

  2. You are so right Julie this was terrible it was Adults that didnt have any manners at all they just barged passed the children.

  3. It was great to have the torch pass through Filton good to see houses along Southmead Rd decorating for the relay to pass. Like Julie says shame on those adults who barged in front of all the kids and parents who had stood since before 8am to see the torch pass by. Shame on those ifnorant ones shame on south glos council street marshalls shame on the police. An enjoyable event spoiled by a mindless few.

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