Filton Police Station put on the market ahead of move

Filton Police Station, Gloucester Road, Bristol.

Filton Police Station, on Gloucester Road North, has been put up for sale, ahead of the planned transfer of police services to a new station in Patchway in 2014.

A news item published by Avon and Somerset Police today stated:

“We have begun to market the site well in advance to ensure we get the best market value for the site on behalf of the communities we serve.”

“The move is part of a forcewide accommodation strategy to ensure police services are available and accessible to the public across the Avon and Somerset policing area.”

“Filton police station will continue to have a public enquiry office and to be a base for 999 response and neighbourhood police teams until all these services transfer to the new police station. Policing services for the local community will remain completely unaffected.”

The new police station in Patchway will be part of a larger complex incorporating a custody centre and a crime investigation unit.

A planning application for the new complex, at the old Bensons site in front of Rolls-Royce, was submitted earlier this year and looks set to be officially approved within the next few days.

The new police station will contain an enquiry office for members of the public and will serve the communities of Filton, Patchway, Bradley Stoke, Little Stoke, Stoke Gifford, Frenchay, Winterbourne, Severn Beach, Almondsbury, Easter Compton and Hambrook.

Custody centre and police station on Gloucester Road, Patchway.

Image: Aerial view of the proposed custody centre, crime investigation centre and police station on Gloucester Road, Patchway, Bristol.

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  1. Yet again we see another closure of a public service to Filton. Filton clinic, airfield, Newleaze house elderly peoples home. All these vital services going or gone.
    Filton clinic was saved only after residents intervened and councillors were called to action despite the fact they knew if was set to close down.
    Filton people deseve better representation than this.This is appalling.
    Why do we have councillors if they stand idly by and watch Filton closing? Other areas are seeing growth such as Bradley Stoke and yet the MP who covers both is rarely seen in any PR for Filton.
    What is to become of the station? Will councillors allow a development of student flats similar to the Newleaze house planned by Merlin housing?
    Filton is supposed to be recognised as a priority neighbourhood so where is the investment? Our 3 Labour councillors currently in office are not doing enough to secure the future of Filton and are clearly distracted by other priorities.
    The historical town of Filton deserves better than this.

  2. The Airfield closing has nothing to do with what any Councillors do or doesnt do ,its a Private Company so you cant blame that on them .

  3. Does the council not understand the severity of what they keep doing? Are they all too busy to care about what is we need? Why is it that people who are supposed to be our representation and look after us insist on bringing in hairbrained changes and closures which only impact the community. Look at Newleaze, this is a prime example of idiocy on the council’s behalf, apparently they will become student housing, how clever, stick aload of students, who love to part, protest and stay up all night in buildings which will end up damaged, ripped apart and abused, then who has to pay for it? tax payers thats who. All because the council and its decision makers are heartless men and women who could never go above the ranks of a town council, so instead try to act like they own the world. What is wrong with this country, everything is going down hill because of fools in government, we need resignations, a real constitution and no more showmen and conmen running our country. New elections, new government, its about time this country was cleaned up, starting from the top down. Politics and Government isnt about who looks the best or who can say the biggest words, or walk around a hospital with no ties and their sleeves rolled up, how about this cameron and cllrs if you want to get our votes and make an impression, how about you roll your sleeves up in downing street and start making things right!

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