Council to hear results of tennis courts consultation

Aerial view of the tennis courts in Elm Park, Filton, Bristol.

This week’s meeting of Filton Town Council is set to receive a report on the public consultation meeting held on 12th May to discuss options for the future of the two Council-owned tennis courts in Elm Park [pictured above, in centre of image].

The possibility of converting the tennis courts into a MUGA (Multi-Use Games Area) and a modern 3G AstroTurf pitch was was first discussed by Councillors last year. The idea behind the project is to convert the existing tennis courts into two new sports courts: one court would be for community use and the other converted into a 3G AstroTurf pitch which would be available for commercial hire.

The consultation meeting heard that a number of companies had been approached to provide quotes for the work and a shortlist of three had been selected and invited to attend the consultation event. Two companies, GB Sport & Leisure Ltd and SMP Playgrounds, accepted the invitation and gave presentations to the meeting.

GB Sport & Leisure Ltd said it would remove the existing fencing around court 1 (destined to accommodate the AstroTurf pitch), make good the capping on the wall and install a new 2m high fence. The existing walls and fencing around court 2 (MUGA) would be removed and replaced with a new 3m high fence.

SMP proposed the removal of all existing walls, as they are not load-bearing, and suggested that an additional practice area for youngsters could be added on, within the existing footprint.

The report concludes: “The chosen contractor [will] be confirmed and notified in due course”.

Writing on the Town Council website, Cllr Rikki Teml says:

“If we progress with this project we will be able to provide some greatly needed extra sports facilities along with potential exciting income opportunities, many football teams have already expresses interest at hiring a purpose built 3G AstroTurf [pitch].”

“The MUGA court would be [a] colourful multi use games area which local children could use for free in the day to play football, basketball etc. We would also still reserve the rights to hire this out for tennis to paying public for set times (TBC).”

This week’s Council meeting takes place on Tuesday 26th June 2012 at 7:30pm in the Pavilion, Elm Park.

More info: Agenda pack for the Council meeting on 26th June 2012 [PDF, 2.8MB]

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  1. Filton Town Council heard last night that three companies have submitted quotes for the proposed MUGA project.

    SMP Playgrounds: £165,000+VAT includes fully rebuilt courts and a practice area next to the tennis hut (known as a panna court).

    Chiltern Sports Contractors Limited: £24,754+VAT includes using existing walls.

    GB Sport & Leisure: 83,133+VAT does not include AstroTurf (a revised quote including AstroTurf has been requested).

    Councillors voted to select SMP Playgrounds as the preferred contractor and move forward to the next stage of consultation.

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