Town Council calls on public to submit cost-cutting ideas

Filton Town Council.

Filton Town Council is inviting members of the public to submit ideas for how it can cut costs and/or generate more revenue.

A Financial Review Consultation, launched recently on the Council’s website, provides a form through which ideas can be submitted.

Suggestions may also be submitted by email or by telephoning the Council office.

The consultation is the latest development in a cost-cutting programme that is aiming to reduce the Council’s spending by 10%.

A report was taken to the Full Council Meeting in November 2011 outlining the savings made so far, and Councillors and staff say they have “continued to implement cost savings across the board and meet quarterly to review savings”.

The first of a planned series of ‘cost-cutting meetings’ was held on 21st August 2012 and ideas from that session are to be discussed at next Tuesday’s meeting of the Finance Committee.

Some of the cost-cutting ideas suggested by Councillors include: job sharing, closing the public toilet and reducing office overheads (from Cllr Bill Moore); installing real-time energy consumption meters and introducing online purchasing of materials (Cllr Kieran Hyde); using energy-saving lamps and installing voltage optimisation equipment (Cllr Rikki Teml).

Revenue-generating suggestions to come out of the meeting include: advertising, Leisure Centre promotions and starting new sports clubs (from Cllr Moore); dance competitions and fitness classes (Cllr Hyde).

Related link: Agenda pack for Finance Committee meeting on Tuesday 11th September 2012 [PDF, 1.3MB]

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  1. The council claimed to have saved £50,000 but where did this go?
    They also need to look at the shocking staffing overheads as well as the massive annual losses of its own council run pub.
    Labour councillors are trying to stop any job losses even if this means a more cost efficient council as they fear union back lash from their unite brothers in arms.
    The town clerk role alone has cost the council £500,000 in the last ten years salary alone and for a small parish council it is unacceptable.
    Action must be taken to stop the continual wastage of this Labour led council

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