Application to convert King George VI pub into shop and flats

Filton's King George VI public house undergoing redevelopment.

The King George VI public house, on the corner of Filton Avenue and Station Road, looks set to be converted to a retail outlet after a ‘change of use’ planning application was submitted to South Gloucestershire Council.

The application, made by Brewers, a national chain of decorating material suppliers, seeks permission to change the use of the building from ‘public house’ (Class A4) to ‘retail’ (Class A1) and also foresees the provision of four self-contained flats on the first floor of the property.

In a ‘design and access statement’ submitted as part of the application, the company’s agent writes:

“The pub has obviously failed to survive in the recent poor and sustained economic climate.”

“In the light of the current employment climate and the need for housing, we feel the proposal is not unreasonable – creating both jobs and accommodation.”

Subject to approval, the new owners will operate the ground floor as a shop, leaving the flats above for rental.

A total of 37 parking spaces will be provided at the site, with some being designated for use by tenants of the flats and the others for use by staff and customers of the shop.

Public consultation on the planning application runs until 6th June.

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  1. Filton will already be turned into a giant slum when the airfield is built on so – hey ho, what is one more ‘development’…….The re-developed Abbeywood Retail Park is great but Filton really does NOT need any more shops or flats. I for one think this is one development too many in an already over developed, over populated area so p— off and ‘develop’ somewhere else’!

  2. @Fran. Yes the airfield development is going to be a real strain on Filton and the surrounding areas. A slum though is hardly the case. I fail to understand how you can refer to a development of new builds and an enterprise zone making a village complete with amenities and vital infrastructure, to be proud to live in (for the residents)! In any case it’s besides the point as is the reference to planned accommodation to sit on the first floor.

    Those flats planned are a far cry from the thousands of houses planned at the airfield. And I’m sure the occupiers of these flats will be grateful for a place to live and in the heartland of original Filton. You sound like a typical UKIP supporter who has become anti-everything. Fine anti-EU as true UKIP supporters stand for, however they also stand for trade and local economy.

    It’s good to know Tesco never got in or another corporate community destroyer and having a trades facility (as planned) for local builders will help our local people greatly I should think and a welcomed addition for folk wanting to do a spot of DIY, taking a bit of trade out of B&Q. Good to see an independent trader getting a foot hold in and contributing to the better of true Filton people and other like minded residents.

  3. Isn’t it about time the breweries took a different direction to shutting down essential community public houses. Thanks all the same but i currently have around 20 different places to shop all within a 5 minute walk, and are 4 more flats really going to help in the grand scheme of things. How about the breweries employ people who are capable of making public houses a profitable business. Lastly i came from a generation of children who’s clubs, parks and forms of recreation were abolished or closed due to lack of funding, should i really have the same forced upon me again now in adulthood, or should we al just sit at home waiting for traffic to ease so we can all meet at the shop!

  4. The King George VI should remain as a pub……simply because there isn’t another local pub situated conveniently on a busy dual carriageway, main road system, also within walking distance of a two major railway stations……Filton Abbey Wood is just around the corner, and is the third busiest railway station in Bristol, behind Bristol TM and Parkway…….I believe a pub chain like Weatherspoons would be best suited, providing reasonably priced food and drink…….we don’t need another building supplies company because Howdens are opening across the road, and we also have Travis Perkins and B&Q just down the road……Weatherspoons would also create employment…….please think again, before we lose another classic infrastructure in Filton….

  5. @Gerald. I would have much preferred the ‘George’, to remain in its original form, but you haven’t factored in a couple of things; (1), the George for a number of years remained open with reasonable dining, accommodation for MoD and locals. (2), it has to be accepted that the Fox Den equally in walking distance etc that ‘out-classed’, the George for a variety reasons.

    On the question of Travis & B&Q and indeed Howdends due to open, the application submitted offer something very different and provides a good competitive edge, especially I hope from a local builders point of view supporting a major independent company as apposed to B&Q! Not only that as a market share of business, when combining, Flaming Grill, The Concorde and Fox Den – that type of outlet provides enough choice and ticking all the boxes you mention in favouring a ‘weatherspoons’.

    That said, given a choice over a trades outlet and the George retaining its traditional pub feel and for that I’m talking 15 years ago, I would favour a pub to remain in place on that basis, rather than a weatherspoons for reasons I stated!

    As Lee says above, this really does fall in the realms of breweries giving a decent deal for landlords (in answer to his view) – sadly they don’t and as a result as with big chains like Tesco’s, Sainsburys where overheads are no problem in sustaining a business operation, the public in choosing or favouring another chain in the form of pubs are actually settling for second best!

  6. This area of Filton is pretty filthy and quite disgusting now. You just need to walk a short distance down Filton Avenue from the King George VI to see the squalor. South Gloucestershire Council really do need to have a good think about their policies and determine what has gone wrong in this area over the last few years. Thirty years ago this part of Filton was vibrant, happy and great place to live, but not anymore.

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