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Swimming pool boiler fault costs Council thousands in lost income

Posted on Tuesday 13th November 2012 at 5:27 pm by SH (Editor)

Filton Sports & Leisure Centre, incorporating the Dolphin Pool.A faulty boiler at Filton Sports & Leisure Centre has cost the Town Council thousands of pounds in lost income, according to a report prepared for tonight’s meeting of the Finance Committee.

Problems with the boiler account for the bulk of an estimated £5,631 loss, due to the main pool and/or learner pool having to be closed on eight separate days between 11th October and 4th November.

Other closures over the same period were due to an emergency incident during a sponsored swim on Saturday 13th October, staffing shortages and a “poo in the pool” incident.

£2,135 of the amount is attributed to lost income from public swimming sessions with the remainder being made up of refunds made to the swimming club and individuals booked on swimming lessons.

The Council’s Maintenance Manager Neil Palmer says the Council has been “let down badly” by a local firm that deals with the boiler.

Mr Palmer adds:

“They came out to fix the problem three times and the situation had still not been resolved causing us to shut the pool on those occasions. The problem has now been fixed and I will look forward to the companies invoice when it arrives as it will be disputed.”

Looking forward, Mr Palmer is recommending that the Town Council enters a service contract with a maintenance company, something he says he proposed to Councillors last last year.

Tonight’s meeting takes place at 7:30pm in The Pavilion, Elm Park.

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Town Council calls on public to submit cost-cutting ideas

Posted on Friday 7th September 2012 at 1:50 pm by SH (Editor)

Filton Town Council.

Filton Town Council is inviting members of the public to submit ideas for how it can cut costs and/or generate more revenue.

A Financial Review Consultation, launched recently on the Council’s website, provides a form through which ideas can be submitted.

Suggestions may also be submitted by email or by telephoning the Council office.

The consultation is the latest development in a cost-cutting programme that is aiming to reduce the Council’s spending by 10%.

A report was taken to the Full Council Meeting in November 2011 outlining the savings made so far, and Councillors and staff say they have “continued to implement cost savings across the board and meet quarterly to review savings”.

The first of a planned series of ‘cost-cutting meetings’ was held on 21st August 2012 and ideas from that session are to be discussed at next Tuesday’s meeting of the Finance Committee.

Some of the cost-cutting ideas suggested by Councillors include: job sharing, closing the public toilet and reducing office overheads (from Cllr Bill Moore); installing real-time energy consumption meters and introducing online purchasing of materials (Cllr Kieran Hyde); using energy-saving lamps and installing voltage optimisation equipment (Cllr Rikki Teml).

Revenue-generating suggestions to come out of the meeting include: advertising, Leisure Centre promotions and starting new sports clubs (from Cllr Moore); dance competitions and fitness classes (Cllr Hyde).

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Filton projects could benefit from Area Forum decisions

Posted on Monday 3rd September 2012 at 9:25 pm by SH (Editor)

South Gloucestershire Council.

A meeting of South Gloucestershire Council’s Southern Brooks Area Forum tomorrow evening (Tuesday 4th) could see money allocated for a number of highway maintenance projects in Filton.

The same meeting will see several local community organisations pitching for a share of capital grant funding allocated to the Forum’s area – which extends across Bradley Stoke, Filton, Patchway, Stoke Gifford, Winterbourne, Frenchay and Stoke Park.

Members of the public are encouraged to attend the meeting to have their say and ask questions of the Councillors and officials present. It takes place at Patchway Community College, Hempton Lane, Patchway, starting at 7pm.

The Forum has been given £60,000 to spend on highway maintenance and three roads in Filton stand a chance of being selected for resurfacing: Boverton Road, Gloucester Road North and Stanley Crescent.

The Filton roads rank 6th, 8th and 9th in a list of eleven that have been prioritised according to condition reports, mechanical survey data, road safety data and social impact information (including the number of complaints received).

In each case it proposed that a replacement surface course of dense bitumen macadam (DBM) be used to repair the road. The total estimated cost of carrying out repairs to all eleven roads listed amounts to £89,900, so Councillors will be asked to chose a subset that is within the available budget.

Local organisations hoping to receive capital grants from the Forum include the Pyramid Youth Club (£3,000 for the replacement of electric night storage heaters) and the 2nd Filton Guides and Filton Rangers (£1,700 for camping equipment).

The Forum has £30,032 to allocate to community projects in its area and has received 14 applications totalling £32,699, so the chances of success look promising, although Councillors are not obliged to use the whole of the budget and can choose to carry some forward to next year.

More info: Agenda for the Area Forum meeting on 4th September (SGC)

Council votes to charge for boules and cycle speedway

Posted on Wednesday 28th March 2012 at 2:02 pm by SH (Editor)

Filton in the press. Filton Town Council has voted to introduce charges for the boules court and cycle speedway track in Elm Park, reports the Bristol Evening Post.

An extraordinary meeting of the Council, held half-an-hour before last night’s scheduled regular meeting, considered a proposal from Cllr Teml that users of the boules court be charged £2.50 per person, with £3 per person being asked for cycle speedway practice sessions.

Filton Leisure Centre Manager Lisa Timbrell recommended the Council charge at least £4.20 per person for two hours on the boules courts and charge £15.40 per hour for group bookings of the cycle speedway track.

The meeting had been called following claims that the lack of a charging structure was due to some Labour councillors’ interests in the two sports, including South Gloucestershire ward councillor for Filton, Roger Hutchinson.

The meeting agreed to charge individuals £1.10 per hour for using the speedway track. Group bookings, including cycle speedway events, will be charged at £15.40 per hour, with all day bookings being charged at £123.20.

Boules players will be charged according the number of players taking part: two players will be charged £4.20 each, four players £4 each and six players £3.80 each.

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