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Swimming pool boiler fault costs Council thousands in lost income

Posted on Tuesday 13th November 2012 at 5:27 pm by SH (Editor)

Filton Sports & Leisure Centre, incorporating the Dolphin Pool.A faulty boiler at Filton Sports & Leisure Centre has cost the Town Council thousands of pounds in lost income, according to a report prepared for tonight’s meeting of the Finance Committee.

Problems with the boiler account for the bulk of an estimated £5,631 loss, due to the main pool and/or learner pool having to be closed on eight separate days between 11th October and 4th November.

Other closures over the same period were due to an emergency incident during a sponsored swim on Saturday 13th October, staffing shortages and a “poo in the pool” incident.

£2,135 of the amount is attributed to lost income from public swimming sessions with the remainder being made up of refunds made to the swimming club and individuals booked on swimming lessons.

The Council’s Maintenance Manager Neil Palmer says the Council has been “let down badly” by a local firm that deals with the boiler.

Mr Palmer adds:

“They came out to fix the problem three times and the situation had still not been resolved causing us to shut the pool on those occasions. The problem has now been fixed and I will look forward to the companies invoice when it arrives as it will be disputed.”

Looking forward, Mr Palmer is recommending that the Town Council enters a service contract with a maintenance company, something he says he proposed to Councillors last last year.

Tonight’s meeting takes place at 7:30pm in The Pavilion, Elm Park.

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Town Council calls on public to submit cost-cutting ideas

Posted on Friday 7th September 2012 at 1:50 pm by SH (Editor)

Filton Town Council.

Filton Town Council is inviting members of the public to submit ideas for how it can cut costs and/or generate more revenue.

A Financial Review Consultation, launched recently on the Council’s website, provides a form through which ideas can be submitted.

Suggestions may also be submitted by email or by telephoning the Council office.

The consultation is the latest development in a cost-cutting programme that is aiming to reduce the Council’s spending by 10%.

A report was taken to the Full Council Meeting in November 2011 outlining the savings made so far, and Councillors and staff say they have “continued to implement cost savings across the board and meet quarterly to review savings”.

The first of a planned series of ‘cost-cutting meetings’ was held on 21st August 2012 and ideas from that session are to be discussed at next Tuesday’s meeting of the Finance Committee.

Some of the cost-cutting ideas suggested by Councillors include: job sharing, closing the public toilet and reducing office overheads (from Cllr Bill Moore); installing real-time energy consumption meters and introducing online purchasing of materials (Cllr Kieran Hyde); using energy-saving lamps and installing voltage optimisation equipment (Cllr Rikki Teml).

Revenue-generating suggestions to come out of the meeting include: advertising, Leisure Centre promotions and starting new sports clubs (from Cllr Moore); dance competitions and fitness classes (Cllr Hyde).

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Council to hear results of tennis courts consultation

Posted on Monday 25th June 2012 at 3:39 pm by SH (Editor)

Aerial view of the tennis courts in Elm Park, Filton, Bristol.

This week’s meeting of Filton Town Council is set to receive a report on the public consultation meeting held on 12th May to discuss options for the future of the two Council-owned tennis courts in Elm Park [pictured above, in centre of image].

The possibility of converting the tennis courts into a MUGA (Multi-Use Games Area) and a modern 3G AstroTurf pitch was was first discussed by Councillors last year. The idea behind the project is to convert the existing tennis courts into two new sports courts: one court would be for community use and the other converted into a 3G AstroTurf pitch which would be available for commercial hire.

The consultation meeting heard that a number of companies had been approached to provide quotes for the work and a shortlist of three had been selected and invited to attend the consultation event. Two companies, GB Sport & Leisure Ltd and SMP Playgrounds, accepted the invitation and gave presentations to the meeting.

GB Sport & Leisure Ltd said it would remove the existing fencing around court 1 (destined to accommodate the AstroTurf pitch), make good the capping on the wall and install a new 2m high fence. The existing walls and fencing around court 2 (MUGA) would be removed and replaced with a new 3m high fence.

SMP proposed the removal of all existing walls, as they are not load-bearing, and suggested that an additional practice area for youngsters could be added on, within the existing footprint.

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Councillor quits Labour group after bullying claim

Posted on Friday 15th June 2012 at 10:07 pm by SH (Editor)

Filton in the press.

Filton Town Councillor Bill Moore has quit the local Labour group after claiming to have been bullied by a fellow Labour Councillor, reports The Post.

Cllr Moore was re-elected as Chair of the Council’s Finance Committee on Tuesday night but then announced he was resigning from the Labour group with immediate effect.

According to The Post, Cllr Moore claimed this was due to private discussions about residents and town council matters taking place at Labour party meetings, that were not minuted or recorded.

Reports of bullying first emerged in a story posted by mystery contributor PhilTonne on The Post’s discussion board on Wednesday, in which Cllr Moore was quoted as saying:

“I was also accused of doing something by a Labour Councillor that I did not do and was left to defend myself at a branch meeting without the Chairman, Councillor Brian Mead, intervening. It amounted to bullying, which I will not be party to.”

Today’s Post article quotes an anonymous Filton resident as saying it was “well- known around town” that Mr Moore was referring to South Gloucestershire Councillor Roger Hutchinson, a former Chair of the Town Council.

Mr Moore told The Post he did not want to elaborate on the matter but said he would still be serving as a Labour member of the Town Council, despite not being a member of the Labour group.

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