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Replacement Sort It centre will be at Filton Viridor site

Posted on Saturday 11th May 2019 at 9:49 pm by SH (Editor)

Photo of the Viridor waste processing plant in Filton.

South Gloucestershire Council has announced that it is to build a new £6.5 million Sort It centre and waste management complex at a site off North Way in Filton.

The new facility, which should be operational from 2023, will improve recycling services for residents and increase capacity to manage household waste from the growing communities in the Cribbs Patchway New Neighbourhood, which includes Charlton Hayes and planned new developments on the former Filton Airfield.

Back in 2016, the council disclosed that it was in talks to acquire land on the former Rolls-Royce East Works site (now known as Horizon 38) to use as the site of a new waste facility for the North Fringe. However, a recent report to Cabinet revealed that this plan had now been dropped and permission was sought, and duly granted, to instead purchase the Viridor waste processing plant on the nearby North Bristol Park industrial estate, which is also home to the NHS Blood and Transplant facility and a Safestore self-storage warehouse.

Initially, Viridor will continue to operate from the site, but after they vacate in 2021, the council will demolish the existing facilities and deliver:

  • A new transfer station – where collection vehicles can drop off waste collected from households
  • A new Sort It centre – to serve residents who currently use the Little Stoke site; providing an improved facility as well as meeting the needs of expanding local communities
  • A depot for waste vehicles – allowing collection trucks to be based closer to the areas they serve, reducing traffic movements and their impact on local roads and the environment

The council says it will also explore the option of a ‘reuse shop’, whereby certain unwanted but serviceable items can be safety tested by its staff and made available for sale second-hand.

Once the new facility is complete, to modern standards similar to the recently redeveloped and improved Sort It centres at Mangotsfield and Yate, the existing Little Stoke Sort It centre will be closed.

More: Council has a target of recycling 60 percent of waste »

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Councillors to inspect Filton Police Station site to assess impact of redevelopment

Posted on Tuesday 11th February 2014 at 9:37 am by SH (Editor)

Artist's impression of proposed new homes on the site of Filton Police Station.

South Gloucestershire councillors are to carry out an inspection of the Filton Police Station site this Friday (14th February) to assess the impact of a proposed redevelopment that would see the construction of 18 affordable homes.

The public meeting, due to start at around 11.15am, will see members of the Development Control (West) Sites Inspection Sub-Committee assess “the impact on the character and visual amenity of the area, the impact on residential amenity and highway safety and amenity”.

The inspection was ordered by the Development Control (West) Committee at its meeting on 30th January, despite being the committee being advised to approve the planning application in a report prepared by council officers.

Following the site inspection, the application is likely to be re-considered by the Development Control (West) Committe on 27th February.

Filton Town Council has raised no objections to the scheme, saying it “should enhance the area”, but three letters of objection have been received from local residents, citing amongst other issues, concerns about highway safety, overbearing appearance (part of the proposed development is 3-storey) and insufficient car parking.

The applicant, Knightstone Housing, has indicated that it is unable to meet the S106 financial contributions that would usually be expected under the council’s policies, on the grounds that the scheme consists of 100% affordable homes.

According to the council officers’ report, Knightstone would need to commence building on the site in April 2014, to ensure completion by 31st March 2015, which is a requirement of Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) grant funding.

More info: Agenda for the Sites Inspection Sub-Committee visit

Council set to approve Gating Order for access lanes off four Filton streets

Posted on Wednesday 22nd January 2014 at 8:55 am by SH (Editor)

A gated access lane off Sixth Avenue, Filton.

Officers at South Gloucestershire Council are recommending approval of a proposal to install gates on a number of rear access lanes in the Filton area.

Members of the council’s Communities Committee, which meets next Tuesday (28th January), are being recommended to approve a Gating Order that will apply to rear access lanes serving Sixth Avenue, Seventh Avenue, Eighth Avenue and Ninth Avenue.

The recommendation follows a public consultation held in September last year, in which all but one of the 54 respondents supported the proposals.

The scheme, which is community-led and has been supported by the Neighbourhood Policing team, is being funded through a combination of a grant and contributions from residents.

According to a report published in advance of the meeting, the Gating Order is being sought because police statistics demonstrate that this area of Filton is subject to high levels of crime and anti-social behaviour. Furthermore, council records show high levels of fly tipping along the lanes.

Previous gating schemes on rear access lanes in the Filton area are said to have been very successful at reducing crime and anti-social behaviour.

If the Gating Order is approved by the committee, there will follow a six week period during which appeals may be made to the High Court.

More info: Plan showing the lanes to be gated [PDF, 518kB]

Photo: Existing gate on an access lane off Sixth Avenue.

Planners grant permission for redevelopment of Texaco Garage site

Posted on Friday 22nd November 2013 at 9:24 am by SH (Editor)

Filton Park Service Station (Texaco). Gloucester Road North.

Planners at South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) have granted permission for the Filton Park (Texaco) Service Station on Gloucester Road North to be demolished and replaced with four retail units and a café.

The site lies between the junctions of Braemar Avenue and Broncksea Road and is separated from a block of shops and apartments to the south by a row of large Cypress trees.

The approved plans show one larger shop unit (290m2) to the south of the site, with three smaller shop units (each 90m2) and a café unit (140m2) separated from the main road by a car parking area having 21 spaces.

Vehicular access will be from the main road at a single point, with pedestrian access from both the main road and Broncksea Road.

Opening times will be limited to 7am to 11pm and the development is anticipated to employ 14 full-time and 26 part-time staff.

A previous application to redevelop the site was withdrawn earlier this year. The revised plans that have now been approved have the new buildings scaled down in size and set back further from the main road.

In comments submitted on the application, Filton Town Council “strongly recommended” that the petrol station’s redundant tanks be completely removed, as the new building will be constructed above them, but SGC officers say this will depend on the outcome of a contamination report which the applicant is required to submit following investigation by an expert.


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