YTL Arena Bristol

Visualisation of the proposed new pedestrian bridge leading over the railway line and into the Arena hangar.

YTL Arena Bristol is a 19,000-seater arena complex that is proposed to be built in three unused hangars (built originally for the Brabazon aircraft) on the former Filton Airfield site.

The hangars lie within the Brabazon mixed-use development on the airfield site where 2,675 homes are planned to be constructed in the coming years.

The arena will be constructed in the larger central hangar, while the two smaller hangars to each side will provide spaces for exhibitions & conventions, leisure facilities and food & drink outlets.

A new railway station, known as North Filton, is planned to be constructed close to the arena, on the Henbury Spur line.

Visualisation of a proposed railway station.
Aerial view of the proposed new railway station, looking west, with the Brabazon Hangars (repurposed as the YTL Arena Complex) in the background

Planning applications

YTL Arena

19/05500/P (submitted 13th November 2019; decision issued 29th April 2021)

Hybrid planning application comprising: the demolition of existing ancillary buildings and structures; full details associated with the change of use of, and associated external alterations to, the Brabazon Hangar buildings from Class B8 use to a mixture of Class D1, D2, A1, A3, A4 and B1a uses, along with outline details associated with infrastructure works including: revised vehicular access arrangements; redevelopment and reorganisation of the former aircraft apron to provide parking, servicing and associated infrastructure provision; plus associated landscaping, service infrastructure and other associated works and improvements. | Arnold Laver Brabazon Hangar & Surrounding Land West Way Bristol BS34 7DU


Railway Station

P21/06296/F (submitted 22nd September 2021; decision issued 24th January 2023)

Erection of railway station with 1 no. footbridge, temporary car park, access and associated works. | Former Filton Airfield Patchway South Gloucestershire BS34 5BZ

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Public consultations

YTL Arena Bristol parking and travel information sharing
Opened 23rd January 2023; Closes 6th March 2023; Feedback report expected: TBA

Arena stories in the Journal

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